How to play roulette: best trick and tips

If you have been looking for roulette tricks and how to go about the whole thing, then you are completely in the right place. This game has been here since the 17th century and it is not showing any signs of leaving anytime soon. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it has relatively simple rules. It is quite exciting but riskier than craps or blackjack. In addition, roulette tables are very iconic images.

There are two different types of roulette wheels; the European and the American. The European wheel contains thirty-seven slots in total and they are labeled 0-36. It has a house edge of 2.63% which makes it a better option between the two. The American roulette, on the other hand, has 38 slots. The labeling is just done the same way it is done on the European wheel, the only difference being an additional 00 slot in the American roulette. The house edge in the American wheel is 5.26% due to the additional slot.

Basic rules in the roulette

All the pockets in a roulette are colored. Zeroes are colored green and all the others share 18 black and 18 red spots evenly. The dealer rolls a small ball on the wheel’s outer rim and as a player, your aim is to guess where the ball will rest. Before the ball is rolled, players are given a chance to place bets. There is an option to bet on an individual number or any set of numbers. Contrary to the common belief, you can place your bet even when the ball is put in the roulette wheel. The betting window is closed once the dealer calls off all bets.

In a live game, every player is required to give out cash or casino chips in exchange for some special roulette chips. It is not possible to do this in online roulette betting. Once you exchange your cash, the color of your roulette chips will be your identity throughout the game. That is why each player is given a unique color to help identify them. When the ball lands into a pocket, the dealer reads aloud the color of the pocket and the specific number. The winning bets are protected using markers and the losing bets are swept off. Payouts are done in the end and players may bet again.

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Different types of casino bets

There are mainly two types of casino bets; outside and inside bets. The outside bets are made in the boxes around the numbers. There are different types of outside bets. There is the color betting or the “red or black” which pays 1 to 1. Another type of outside betting is the dozen betting. You place your bet in one of the boxes that are labeled 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. Dozens bet pays 2-1 and in case 0 or 00 comes about, you lose. There is also the even or odd betting which pays 1 to 1. Finally, there is the high or low bet which also pay 1 to 1.

Inside bets are more diversified than the outside ones. In addition, their odds are relatively higher but the risk associated with them is a bit higher too. They are placed on specific numbers. There is the straight-up betting where you wager on only one number. It pays 35 to 1. Split betting involves betting on two numbers and it pays 17 to 1. Another type of inside bets is the street betting where you now bet on three numbers and it pays 11 to 1. You can go for the corner betting where you wager on 4 numbers. It pays 8 to 1. Finally, there is the six line betting where you bet on six numbers and it pays 5 to 1. An American roulette has an additional 5-number bet which encompasses the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 and it pays 6 to 1.

Different odds and strategies

First of all, you should get it to mind that roulette is purely dependent on chance and you have little control over the outcome as a player. You can, however, increase your chances of winning using different strategies. It is advisable that you go for the European roulette given a chance to choose between it and an American one due to the house edge. You can also try your hand at French roulettes which have several rules in favor of the players. With the En Prison rule, if a player loses, they are still entitled to half their bet while in the La Partage rule, the player leaves that half for the following round.

Once you get to a casino, you need to identify a table. There are placards at each table showing the maximum and minimum bets. Before you place your bet, watch and learn. These are the basic strategies that will get you a win. Again, this is a game of chance and there is no roulette trick with a 100% guarantee of working. However, from watching, you can actually identify some of the dealer’s habits. The way in which they release the ball can help you guess its landing point. Sometimes, although rarely, the wheel goes off kilter. This can work to one’s advantage although it takes a very keen eye and a lot of experience to notice. In addition, this error is easily spotted.

Many people ask for the best roulette tricks in order not to lose. Truth be told, it does not exist yet and anyone who tries to give you any contrary advice is misleading you. If you really don’t want to lose your money, then it is advisable that you don’t play and if you do, only place an amount you are comfortable losing. Again, you should know that casinos are also business enterprises and they aim at making profits. Therefore, if you get lucky and win, take your money and go. Spending more time there gives the casino a chance to recover the money. If you lose, don’t beat yourself too hard. Just leave and consider the loss just as it is; the cost of pleasure.


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