Blackjack Strategy You Should Try Right Now

Have you been of the opinion that betting is just about luck? True, it is nice to feel lucky and optimistic, otherwise I doubt you are going to put up any meaningful deposit for the purpose of playing blackjack or any other casino game, but there is something more you can do. Like…? Well, learn some blackjack strategy.

Hard Hands versus Soft Hands

In case you are somewhat new to this popular casino game, you may be wondering what the heck players mean when they speak of hard or soft hands. That curiosity will take you far in the game, because in reality, there is really no good blackjack strategy you can learn or adopt without considering the issue of soft and hard hands.

For now let us just say, if you find yourself holding an ace after you’ve been dealt, you have got a soft hand; otherwise, you have got a hard one. Even without delving much into it today, just know the fact that an ace has either number 1 or 11, and it gives you flexibility of play. That’s obviously a good thing, right? It is up to you now to incorporate that advantaged position into your blackjack strategy.

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To Hit or To Stand

Whether to hit or stand when it is your turn to play in blackjack is something you cannot ignore. What blackjack strategy would you be adopting, anyway, if you did not consider if adding an extra card is good or bad for your game?

Let’s refresh our memory about what to hit is, and what to stand is. When you decide to request for another card, this is to hit in the language of blackjack. When you feel you would rather the next person proceeded to play, in which case you neither play nor request for an additional card, this is to stand.

The best time to hit:

  1. Whenever you see the dealer’s card – the face up – as 7 or 8, 9 or 10, feel comfortable to hit with a hand totaling 12 all the way to 16.
  2. If that card happens to be 10, hit if your hand can total 10. Just dare not double – you know, that doubling of your bet that calls for you to pick an additional card… don’t do that.
  3. In case that dealer’s card is a 7 or 8 or even 9, and you can have a hand of 9, go on and hit. Again, do not double.

The best time to stand:

  • Whenever you look at your cards and your hand has reached 17 or above. Do not worry that someone said you could hit at 17 as long as the dealer has revealed an Ace. The blackjack strategy you need to employ right now warns you against that.
  • If you look at your hands and discover a hand of 13 or even above, and in the meantime the dealer has revealed a 6 or even below – yes, time to stand.
  • If your hand has a pair of 10’s that gives you room to split, forget the split. Simply stand.

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