How to Become a Professional Roulette Player

Have you heard it sang about rising from a Jack to a King? In Roulette you would be this ordinary guy taking a chance at the roulette table, and without other players and fans thinking much of you, then in one of those seemingly ordinary spins you hit a jackpot! That is how fast your life can change with Roulette.

Big Bets Do Not Necessarily Produce Big Wins

However, the reverse can also happen. You can walk into the casino all buoyant and feeling at the top of the world, and choose your favorite table as you vow not to leave without making a meaningful win. Does your pomp and readiness to spend big guarantee you big wins? Of course not! There are millionaires who have consistently sat in casinos from early evening to early morning, and at the end of the day they retired home with dry pockets and empty bank accounts – a sad state of affairs.

That does not have to happen. Playing Roulette as a pastime or an income earner can be both fun and fulfilling. But as with every other undertaking, it helps to learn the ropes in advance, and only wait to sharpen your skills along the way.

How to Beat the Odds in Roulette

Before you decide to sit at a Roulette table, it would be a good idea to read something about Roulette, and mainly how to play the game like a professional. How does anyone expect to spin a wheel at random without giving it much thought and then win big? Surely, your wins will, likewise, be very random. You can minimize your risk of losing at Roulette by embracing some winning tips.

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Take your gaming as a business

What is so important about a business in relation to playing Roulette or any other casino game? Well, you want to make profits – invest some money but take home even more money. As you sit or stand next to the table layout, see if you can make any logic out of what is happening as play continues. In short, instead of rigidly holding onto the idea that everything is random, try and learn the moves that seem to land a player a win and which ones seem to disadvantage the player.

Make your last spin when you should

Does the game of Roulette give you maximum spins? No, it does not. As long as you have money to spend you can go on and on. But you, with a professional mindset, will set your own limit. Ask yourself: How much money did I bring into the casino? How much of it was meant for drinks and how much was meant for gambling? Alright – after winning this spin and having lost in the previous one, have I made a profit or a loss? Keep this line of thinking. How much loss was I prepared to handle today? Do not exceed it and you will be one relaxed person as you leave the Roulette table.

And what is the flipside? Hm – terrible… If you cannot overcome your ego and instead want to leave only when you have made a win to make fellow players green with envy, you could be digging your own grave, so to speak. This is the kind of mentality that sees gamblers borrowing when they have played their pockets dry, and eventually they make more losses than their lives can handle. Long and short of it – set a ceiling on how much to spend from your pocket each gaming session.

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Pick tips from seasoned winners

Instead of trying to impress the old guards, why not observe their play, especially if their game consistently gives them big wins? There is even no harm in trying to strike friendships with them and having chit chats away from the Roulette table, probably when you are sipping drinks. Often they are willing to give you free advice on what to do and what not to do, if not for generosity, at least to earn your respect.

Learn the wheel properly

Again, assuming that everything is random including the spread of numbers is not exactly helpful. If you take your time studying the Roulette wheel, you will notice some kind of pattern even when particular numbers are far from one another. Have you ever, for instance, considered the four consecutive numbers adjacent the zero, or the Jeu Zero bet? How about the six numbers from among the twelve across the voisins… – the Voisins du zero bet? In short, there is some learning to do if you want to play and win like a professional.

Little by little fills the measure

So you want to win big? Right! Dream big alright. Keep hope alive, alright. But if you think emptying your bank account on a single bet is the way to turn you instant millionaire, think again. No – abandon the idea altogether. Making humongous bets at Roulette does not guarantee you winning. Rather, the only guarantee it gives is that when you lose you lose big.

When playing like a pro, you do not adopt the mentality that you need to risk big to win big – no. Instead, you spread your chances by betting moderate amounts of money. That way, if you find yourself on a losing streak, frustration does not set in quickly, if at all, and you can leave the Roulette table still comfortable with your overall financial position.


Have a preferred roulette strategy

You see, nobody is suggesting that you get roped to one and only one strategy for all your gaming life, but you need to, at least, be clear what roulette strategy you are following in any particular gaming session.

In fact, when you think in terms of specific strategies for your gaming experience, it encourages you to learn more about each, making you adept at beating the odds. It would not be surprising to learn that a certain Roulette player whom you witnessed walking away from the Roulette table with tens of thousands of dollars was following, say, the Martingale strategy; or probably the D’Alembert system. You have a brilliant and creative mind – use it to beat the house like a pro!